The environment we all love to enjoy is just SO important to us, any negative impact we have on this delicate system as a manufacturing company hurts everyone. Therefore we are alway researching and adopting better ways of doing things and making things. It’s not always easy, especially being a startup with no leverage in the industry, but we’re trying our best… 


Having a website on the internet can be hugely damaging to the environment. Keeping servers up and running, as well as database and image storage require huge amounts of electricity and 40% of this energy goes to just keeping these machines cool ( some more information here ).

This LOFI server is running on 300% renewable energy, meaning for every KW used, we’re putting another 2KW of green energy into the grid!!


Using the circular economy as inspiration, we’ve up-cycled retired laptop-fans into our stove, restoring them and updating them with heat-resistant blades.

We also fully disassemble and recycle any returned products into their component parts for material recycling.


This is a tough one!

Our longterm goals are to use recycled metals, aluminium and titanium etc.  However, we’re finding this really difficult as a startup even getting factory to make anything for us in the small quantities that we’re producing. We will also be asking our supplier so use sustainably sourced energy plans… so watch this space.


We’re re-using the same packaging that the parts are shipped to us from any overseas factories.  We’ve asked that any packaging used is made form recycled board and is plastic free.