Made in the U.K.

All our stoves are made in our workshop in Bristol, using a Hydraulic press with customised tooling and rivets, CNC machines, Bench Drills and a solder stations (for making up the circuit boards).

The welded titanium parts are too technical for us to make in-house, so these are made overseas for us to then processed and fully assembled in house.

Jonny T - Designer & Maker

Jonny has been designing and making things forever (well, his forever).

Starting in his backyard at home in Somerset as a kid, and through collage in the late 90’s where he was designing Halogen bike lights for mountain-biking the dark winter nights. At uni he studied manufacturing engineering, and design a passively cooled silent computer, then moving to Cornwall he started a company called “Driftwood Skateboards” where he made some of the best composite slalom longboards available, the company was a bit of a flop, and funded mainly by his post round… but he learned a lot.

Since then he’s been helping with micro-hydro installations in Wales and developing a digital Braille display (launched in 2019) for Bristol Braille Technology, a laptop-sized electromechanical display with around 1,000 moving parts.

Over the 2020 pandemic lockdown, he started to explore a project that had been on the back burner for a while… fire!! With time on his hands he played about with ways to make burning a sticks and wood a more reliable way of cooking food while out on hikes and walks. Playing about with clockwork mechanisms and micro steam engines wasn’t too successful, but eventually came up with a design that kicked the competition out of the water! Enjoy.


LOFI Design
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