LOFI lunch box


An ultralight 800ml lunchbox with a titanium handle and a fully watertight silicone seal.
This is a prototype unit that is getting great reviews. This will be available on Kickstarter in the new season to help fund additional tooling.


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The LOFI titanium lunchbox is a 800ml fully sealed ultralight container, perfect for lunches, cold soaking, or cooking.  Because it has a water-tight silicone seal, food can be prepared before a trip away and then heated up when you want to eat it – it saves on carrying food in any packaging. Even the removable handle is titanium, keeping the weight to an absolute minimum (195 grams, or 173 grams without the handle).

WARNING: Never cook on with the LOFI tin when the lid is sealed on. The pressure will cause the tin to deform and possibly explode!!

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 40 mm
Product only weight:

195 grams






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