LOFI Stove + Pot

This is the LOFI stove and Pot, nesting combo. Both the LOFI stove and cookpot as they were designed to be stored together.


  • LOFI Stove

    FINALLY AVAILABLE after our successful Kickstarter!

    Ultralight titanium wood burning camping stove - temperature controllable - Clean, safe, and efficient burn.

    Weighing in less than 150 grams.

    NEXT BATCH SHIPS:  Late November '23


    Available on backorder

  • LOFI Pot

    The LOFI titanium 820ml cookpot is designed to perfectly fit your LOFI stove. Not only is it perfect for cooking your meals and being used as a kettle to boil water, but it also serves as a protective case to protect your LOFI stove.


    In stock

Available on backorder


The ultralight LOFI stove fits perfectly in the custom-made 820ml titanium pot. Not only will it be perfect for cooking your outdoor meals and boiling up a brew, it will also protect your stove when shoved into your backpack – win, win!

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 170 × 120 × 120 mm

LOFI Stove

Weight 260 g


Product only weight:

150 grams (stove and controller).


Weight 175 g


Product only weight:

120 grams


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