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is the LOFI

gas free cooking

A  compact stove that efficiently burns wood.

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Small in size big in features.

The LOFI Stove is small forced-air stove for backpackers, hikers, and campers. It burns bio-fuels… sticks, twigs and pellets.  A small internal fan feeds the fire with a constant flow of air, boosting the efficiency of the stove, increasing the heat output of the fire.  It can be powered by a phone’s battery bank, the reverse charging function on modern phones, or even a small solar panel.

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4.20 min boil time

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Burn time with single load

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Feul efficiancy

Illustration of LOFI stove
Leave no trace (LNT)

The base of the stove stays cool and it won’t scorch the ground

The clever design means that the base of the stove stays cool and it won’t scorch the ground (LNT), there is also a built-in “ember-guard” that captures stray sparks and doubles as a windshield, reflecting heat back into the cook-pot and protecting the fire from any rain or wind. The stove’s sides are double-walled and feed the fire with superheated air for a clean burn that doesn’t leave your pans covered in too much black soot.

The airflow is cleverly designed to cool the base of the stove when it is lit, this way it doesn’t damage or scorch the ground; There is also an integrated ember-guard which captures any sparks and embers released when you have your cook pot on top.


Some useful information

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Detailed specification

The LOFI stove will run for 15 to 150 hours on a 10,000mAh battery pack, and power use is just 55mA on the lowest setting and 500mA (2.5W) on high power.

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Other features

All the electronic components have been coated in an additional protective silicone layer to provide reliability in even the toughest conditions, if the stove gets wet just dry it off. The speed controller is rated to IP67, equivalent to up to 1m of water submersion. 

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Made from titanium, this ultra-lightweight stove weighs less than 150grams (that’s less than a gas canister!) including the speed controller and cable. The controller allows for adjustment of the airflow passing through the stove, this in turn controls the heat output from the stove for boiling, simmering, and cooking.

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The stove will burn most solid biofuels, this includes wood, sticks, wood pellets, pinecones & bark. In emergencies, starchy or sugary foods can be used, such as corn chips, NOODLES, or even dry SHEEP’S DUNG to cook food at a push! Paper and card waste, or other tinder can be used to start the stove (see the videos on YouTube).


How does it work?

The stove is double-walled, this allows secondary air (oxygen) to be added to the fire where it’s needed to help it burn efficiently, just like modern wood burners do in your home. The small internal fan has the same effect as a chimney would on a larger fire, drawing the air through the stove even when there is a pan on top – pretty clever huh!

The fire is lit in the burn chamber twigs, stick or wood-pellets as fuel, once lit the ember guard is placed over the fire, this not only focuses the flame into a vortex, it also helps make the stove fully windproof, and captures any stray sparks.

The stove’s heat is controlled using the small speed controller, this is supplied with the stove and this controls the amount of oxygen passing through the fire and therefore controls the heat.

Where can I buy one?

 The stove was fully funded on Kickstarter (thanks everyone!!) – The LOFI stove is now available in our online shop.
(view our Kickstarter campaign here)


So many questions...

The LOFI wood stove (and speed controller) weighs in at under 150grams!

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Campers in North America alone.


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LOFI isn’t just a stove, it’s a growing brand.  We’re all about keeping the outdoors simple, fun & safe!

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🏔 LOFI Stove tested at 3000M altitude!

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LOFI Stove 200% funded on Kickstarter.com


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