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🏔 LOFI at 3000M

 Product testing at 3100M altitude! I was lucky enough to be invited by the AMBSAC to visit the SAC Britannia Hut, high up in the

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LOFI stoves ready for assembly.

We’re in production!

Hey everyone, things are really taking shape here now in the workshop, and production of the 1st batch of Super-Earlybird LOFI stoves is underway and

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Making the tooling.

Another giant step forward which will go largely un-noticed by most is the clever development of the riveting tooling. The LOFI stove is assembled with

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LOFI on Helvellyn.

Climbing Helvellyn via Striding Edge with Mary, after a busy weekend with the ABMSAC mountaineering club. Mary was hosting a skill share where members were

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Aluminium stash cans.

I’ve just made up some tooling to emboss the LOFI logo onto some fully sealed ultralight aluminium stash cans. These can be used for holding

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Your head in a data sheet.

It’s 7 pm on a Sunday evening… I have spent most of the day trying to find an appropriate USB port for the LOFI stove.

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Recycled fabrics

What a journey it’s been getting bags made up for the LOFI stove. Who would have thought that finding environmentally sustainable materials and factories with

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