🏔 LOFI at 3000M

πŸ”₯ Product testing at 3100M altitude!

I was lucky enough to be invited by the AMBSAC to visit the SAC Britannia Hut, high up in the swiss alps at over 3100M (10,000+feet). The hut was funded by the British mountaineering club in 1912, and many contributions have been made since. The latest is the installation of a high-efficiency wood burner for the main living area within the hut (the reason for our invitation).

It was a fantastic opportunity to test the LOFI stove at altitude, as often gas stoves fail to work efficiently due to the lack of oxygen at such heights. I’m pleased to say though, that the LOFI stove worked really well – we were able to boil 500ml of water in just 4mins using wood pellets (sold as ‘eco cat-litter’ here in the UK) as fuel. The fire definitely seemed to burn a little cooler than I’m used to, but was plenty powerful enough to cook up a brew or cook a meal.

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  1. Nice job.
    The audio indicate the fuel was cat liter with a bit of alcohol while the text above calls out wood pellets – which was it?

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