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Hey everyone, things are really taking shape here now in the workshop, and production of the 1st batch of Super-Earlybird LOFI stoves is underway and all major obstacles have been navigated **Phew**. It’s looking like they will be ready to ship in around about two weeks. I’m just waiting on the rPET mesh bags to arrive and then to finalize the programming of the PCBs and final assembly/quality control.

The fully assembled PCBs arrived yesterday, with the new much more efficient microcontroller installed and sealed away under a fully waterproof membrane. Today we programmed and tested them with various battery banks (some we knew had given us issues in the past with turning off with such low power draws)… but all was good with the new design.

Final power consumptions figures:

  • LOW POWER 43mA 0.22Watts.
  • FULL POWER 310mA 1.55Watts

These numbers are really impressive, so we’re likely to see much better battery life than originally quoted on the Kickstarter campaign. We’re likely now to see a 24hr (not 15hrs quoted before) run time on full power on a 10,000mAh battery pack! (175hrs on low).

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