LOFI is a small startup outdoor gear manufacturing company based in Bristol UK, with the aim of simplifying life outdoors and respecting the environment.  Setup by Jonny T, the brand is launching with the LOFI stove and has other products in the pipeline depending on the stove’s success

I photograph of Jonny LOFI holding a lit LOFI Stove on the beach


Jonny has been designing and making things all of his life.

Starting in his backyard at home in Somerset as a kid, and through college in the late 90’s where he was designing Halogen bike lights for mountain-biking the dark winter nights. At uni he studied manufacturing engineering, and design a passively cooled silent computer, then moving to Cornwall he started a company called “Driftwood Skateboards” where he made some of the best composite slalom longboards available and are still being enjoyed today.

In more recent years, he has been worked on multiple micro-hydro installations in Wales, and played a key role in developing a digital Braille display (launched in 2019) for Bristol Braille Technology, a laptop-sized electromechanical display with around 1,000 moving parts.

Over the 2020 pandemic lockdown, he started to explore a project that had been on the back burner for a while… fire!! With time on his hands he played about with ways to make burning a sticks and wood a more reliable way of cooking food while out on hikes and walks. Playing about with clockwork mechanisms and micro steam engines wasn’t too successful, but eventually came up with a design that kicked the competition out of the water! Enjoy.

Instagram:  @Jonny.LOFI

YouTube: @JonnyLOFI

FaceBook: @Jonny.LOFI

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A pre-production prototype of the LOFI Stove in the Bristol Head Quarters. Hydraulic press in the background.

Made in the U.K.

All our stoves are designed and made in our workshop in Bristol, using a Hydraulic press with customised tooling and rivets, CNC machines, Bench Drills and a solder stations (for making up the circuit boards).

The welded titanium parts are too technical for us to make in-house, so these are made overseas for us to then processed and fully assembled in house.


Bristol; UK.